Authenticity thrives on Courage

"My Mission is life is not merely to Survive, but to THRIVE, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, some style, definitely TECHNO and a whole lot of Love." Experience has it that nothing is more powerful than when a soul has awakened. Every lifetime a soul receives Grace to recreate their destiny, forge their path and walk a journey like none other. This here is one of those times.

Sharm's DJ journey has been somewhat different from the get go. An experience she's embraced fully. Inundated with channeled insights, serendipity, synchronicity and miracles, one can confidently equate it to a Divinely led Journey.

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

I t was April of 2013 when Sharm launched into her DJ career. She'd just begun her spiritual shadow walk. Sharm intuitively followed the unconventional for a female DJ’ing path, taking heed to that inner thrilling feeling whilst playing music, writing and creating.

It’s how she got to be in Flow.

A Woman of the Universe, ancient citizen of the stars (the cosmos kind), soulful, uniquely creative (we are All Sovereign), Sharm is perceptive and keenly attuned to higher frequencies, through music and creativity.

Music in various forms has been an integral cornerstone throughout her life. While her dad was singing lead, nailing it onstage with his bass guitar in a boy band, her mom passionately pursued her life-long music love affair. It ran deeply in the family. Her paternal grandfather was South Africa’s first Hindu Drum (Thabla) gold medalist (1927). It’s definitely where she gets her love for (as DJ’s would describe) filthy basslines.

It was during her teens that Sharm's mom influenced her to taking piano lessons with the nice lady pianist from church. It lasted a good few grueling lessons (rebel that she was) and though Sharm didn’t get to play that beautiful piano in church, she mastered “Old McDonald” and the piano keys. Little did she know the keys to her Purpose, lay deeply entrenched in music.

She later tried her hand at the guitar and bongo drums which she loved as much as singing in the high school choir. It was her love for dancing that clinched her love affair with music really.


harm has experienced various genres that ultimately set the tone for a colourful and keen ear, R & B, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues and finally Techno. It was DJíng that captured her full undivided attention and continues to hold it (thank heavens). Tough feat for a triple fire women.

It’s when she truly listened and tuned into the Universe, connecting to its vibrations.

Sharm's passion for DJ'ing though has little to do with the specific genre she plays and everything to do with “Music (that) gets her soul dancing. Though, Techno is her first true love but ssssssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone!

Sharm has gigged in various clubs, lounges and bars, at corporate events and private functions in and around Gauteng. VSP Lounge, VIP Lounge, Newscafe, Adrenaline Cafe and Annies to name a few.

Given the small dance community in South Africa and techno at that, internet radio was the best way forward. She's held online radio residencies with More Bass and Chill Lover Radio in New York. Mega thanks for the exposure and support and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the online radio partners she's engaged with.

Sharm currently holds an online radio residencies with Vendjs in Venezuela, Beats2Dance in the Netherlands and DI FM in Sweden. Sharm plays intermittently for other live and online radio stations around the world.

It's Sharm's ultimate goal and desire to serve, inspire and entertain. It's all about what she's passionate about and especially fulfilling her Purpose in this lifetime. Raising the vibration on the planet and anchoring Spirit into matter, through her music.


To my Fraternal Grandad, Mr Ayacanoo Pillay, heartfelt gratitude and thanks for the precious gift of our family name, Pillay. It's encoded with the frequency of LOVE & LIGHT (LL). Love & Light holds the Heart Expression frequency of the number eleven (11). Recent discovery (Dec 2016) has it that your Life Path number was 11 hence held the 11:11 seed and now our family. Rest in Peace - I dedicate my journey to you and will honor my commitment in carrying the Pillay name forward with Pride, Love & Light.

Dearest Dad thank you for instilling my love for reading . Without which I would not be skilled to write and share our generational key message of Love & Light. I’m eternally grateful to you as my father. You're a brave man taking on my soul in this lifetime. Brave man indeed.

Dearest Mom, thank you for your beautiful magical gifts of Intuition and Music. You are me and I shall treasure U all of my existence my forever and favourite Guardian Angel. R.I.P Mommy.

Know that I wouldn't choose any differently, any given lifetime, you as my parents. The love is indescribable.