"Music makes my soul dance.

Techno elevates my vibration"

Sharm Pillay

Feel It!

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Sharm Pillay is South Africa's only Female of Colour (FOC), Techno DJ. It was April 2014 when her DJ journey unwittingly activated. Sharm intuitively followed her heart, taking heed to that persistent, enthusiastic feeling when tuned into music. Here's a naturally talented artist with a unique approach to dance music. 

Music runs deeply in her familial veins becoming her life's integral cornerstone. Whilst her dad was singing lead, nailing it onstage with his bass guitar in a boy band, her mom passionately pursued her life-long love for music curating mixtapes of her own. Sharm’s paternal grandfather was South Africa’s first Hindu Drum (Thabla) gold medalist (1927). It’s definitely where she gets her love for filthy basslines.

A passionate, heart and soul centered DJ who’s experienced various genres growing up that ultimately set the tone for a connected and keen ear. To name a few: RnB, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues and finally Techno. Sharm’s enthusiasm for DJ'ing has everything to do with “Music that gets her soul dancing. Though, Techno is her first true love….. but ssssshhhhhhhh.

Here’s a female DJ who’s doing it differently. Sharm’s ultimate goal is to inspire and entertain whilst fulfilling her Purpose: Raising the planet’s vibration, awakening intuitive hearts, anchoring Spirit into matter, channeled through her music. Her mission platform, SEKSiCuLLTURE the conduit.

It began with her search for truth, her soul's mission for self-mastery.

First she had to find the keys to get in flow which lay deeply embedded in music. Techno to be specific. Her thrilling discovery enabled Spirit to peek open the door to her heart, igniting an exciting Connect to her forgotten creativity (Love), guiding her to Expandand accept Spirit's information (Light). Her inner waters unsetelled she'd have to delve deeply into its maelstrom. There was serious work to be done first. Somewhat unwittingly, she was immersed deep into a dark pit of Transformation where she ran head first into the heart of that feeling, her intuition. While chaos ensued for months, it quietly yet profoundly kicked her rear (let's not say this too loudly, it's still a sore topic), mysteriously and beautifully guiding her to the other half of her soul, her Twinflame. Fairytales are an illusion on the path to Divine Love.

Burning her heart surrendered into broken open bliss. Healed and like a phoenix, she rose courageously conscious, awakened to the Golden Light within. Pure Love a no-brainer. This journey after all is all about heart.

She'd discovered sacred gifts she never knew existed prior her intense 3 year Shadow Walk experience. Such is the journey of a confirmed empath and more recently an Awakened Twinflame and a passionate DJ, with Purpose, Sharm Pillay. The only labels she resonates to. It's her Truth, her Divine Mission and she's destined to serve, inspire and entertain an awakening and conscious dance culture, SEKSiCuLLTURE.

In 2016, Sharm concluded a 21 year long Divinely guided journey into her Purpose. It's manifestation time.

She's intent on sharing and shining her light, keeping it real and grounded with those who resonate to her experiences and vivacious triple fire energy. Sharm believed in her journey that much she intuitively tattooed the visionary words long before it unfolded: Intuition, Truth, Wisdom, Healing, Music, Pure Love & Golden Light Warrior. It was a no-return commitment to her Spiritual Purpose. There's not.a.thing in small measures around here, for a Vibe Warrior of an awakening tribe. #starseeds. She's doing it with Techno and a series of Passion drenched and  Soul entrenched Creativity.