“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo

Sharm Pillay


Music is a universal language, Love the universal Healer and Light the Universe itself in action mode. Drop Techno in the mix and you've a magical formula that would have Nikola Tesla wishing he was attending this Ascension party. It's no secret that music is an ageless and timeless vibration where all is One.

Present life, past life, transcending our 3rd dimension, ascending into the 5th dimension, music is soul.



It's our experience that Techno is a whole different animal. Techno is a game changer. Its vibration, frequency, energy (Spirit) seeps through the cracks of your very DNA. It touches you in places you never knew existed or may have forgotten. It breaks open hearts, expands minds and exposes you to your soul. Techno is a healing frequency channeled straight from Spirit. It's a Spiritual thing, the 5th dimension kind. You can't touch it.

You feel it.

You're invited to experience Sharm’s channeled and Spirited music creations for yourself, even if just once. Everything in moderation no? Tune in and Turn on your higher vibration as we journey together DEEP into the HOUSE of TECH to our ultimate destination, TECHNO where the frequency of Love & Light emanates. Feel the positive vibes with your third eye and see with your heart. Listen intently and by all means keep your ego engaged, it’s a healthy debate.

Yes there's fun to had! Breathe, it's Spirit in motion. The CODE (Creativity Of Divine Energy) is binary encrypted with high frequency vibes, soul tribes, adventure, laughter, joy, happiness, peace, love, light and Techno. Naturally. Music is the key. We've got this!

The journey has only begun and you're invited to the throw down. As a Twinflame on a Divine Mission, SEKSiCuLLTURE was created as your landing pad and our vehicle for "Illuminating Love & Light Consciousness". We're all Ambassadors of Light, Love or both if we so choose. It exists within U & I. Us Twinflames? We're just the messengers, One Soul, Two Hearts, in union, harmony and balance. 1 as Light and 1 as Love (11:11), imprinting and blazing a legacy light, serving the Collective, on the best adventure yet, TO BE ONE.

What's your Poison going to be? Love, Light or both?

Free will is alive and well.



Music Made Me BelieveSharm Pillay
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INT-ui-ITSharm Pillay
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RedemptionSharm Pillay
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iCuSharm Pillay
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Chante Ishta (Single Eye of the Heart)Sharm Pillay
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Music Made Me BelieveSharm Pillay
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